1 Year Free Housing

One Year of Free Senior Housing

If your loved one requires 24/7 One-on-One Private Duty Care PLUS Requires Senior Housing Get 1 year of Free Housing! This is a REAL $8000 to $12,000 per month value.

Almost Home Senior Care has made a special deal for our future Residents and their families. This offer is combines the services of Almost Home Senior Care (Group Homes for High-Level-of-Care Residents) and a sister company Family Always Matters (In Home Care Services).

Any new Resident who moves into an Almost Home Senior Care Group Home and requires the assistance of 1-on-1 Private Duty Care, and utilizes the services of Family Always Matters for such services, will receive their first year of Housing at one of our Group Homes paid for by Family Always Matters.

Here are the terms:

  1. Understand, we are two small companies attempting to make a tough situation better for us and our Residents and Clients. This offer and its terms are currently being reviewed by our attorneys and will be adjusted to protect us all and make sure that the arrangement is clear for everybody. This is not the type of thing where surprises are good. So if interested, please contact us and we’ll do what it takes to set it up clearly for all sides.
  2. Almost Home Senior Care must have at least one bed available.
  3. You must qualify to be a new resident and be able to move into Almost Home Senior Care within two weeks of all parties reaching an agreement; or, your making full nonrefundable payments in advance even if the new Resident has not moved in.
  4. Almost Home Senior Care must agree that we believe we can provide, and wish to provide, proper care (as determined solely by Almost Home Senior Care) to your loved one.
  5. You must contract with Almost Home Senior Care for Care and Housing Services.
  6. You must contract with Family Always Matters for the 24/7 private duty care.
  7. Family Always Matters must agree that they also believe they can provide the level and type of care the Resident requires upon initial request.
  8. You must prepay Family Always Matters in full, on a quarterly basis, and 30 days prior to the start of each new quarter, to receive the housing and care credit from Almost Home. This credit is available for up to 12 consecutive months. And only one time. If you choose to not continue under this arrangement, you cannot reup at a later date.
  9. If you fail to pay the quarterly payment in advance to Family Always Matters for 1-on-1 care at the current required level of care for your loved one, Almost Home Senior Care is under no obligation to provide care or housing unless an acceptable direct contract between Almost Home and the Resident/POA and payment is made in advance including any required private duty fees.
  10. At the end of the initial agreement (up to the first 12 months) Family Always Matters will no longer pay the Housing and Care fee to Almost Home Senior Care. That fee will pass back to the Resident/POA/Estate. If you continue to utilize Family Always Matters for 24/7 private duty Almost Home will promise a minimum of a $4000 per month discount off of then current pricing. This discount will apply as long as Resident is housed within Almost Home Senior Care, and both Almost Home Senior Care and Family Always Matters are both paid in full as required by our agreement.
  11. If payments are late or not honored by the bank all past, current and future discounts are revoked and void, and full price for Almost Home Senior Care and Family Always Matters will be due in full within 10 calendar days or Resident must leave immediately.
  12. This offer is only valid for new Residents.

Management of Almost Home Senior Care, LLC and Family Always Matters, a stock corporation, reserves the right to change and alter this offer at any time without notice.